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CityPlace Vision

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New District Approach

We are pioneering a new approach to creating interactive shopping, dining and entertainment experiences, examining the intersection between our consumers, tastemakers, West Palm climate and our district’s physical environment to create experiences that are unique to our neighborhood.

It is vital that whatever we do is authentic to West Palm, whether working with the best in local artists, chefs, creatives, entrepreneurs and fitness enthusiasts to encouraging national brands to find a unique West Palm expression of their distinct proposition.

Infusing Culture, Technology & Sustainability

  • Partnering with concepts that surpass shopping to offer surprising and engaging experiences such as current tenants, Restoration Hardware: The Gallery, innovative mattress company Casper & pop-ups like WPB Collective and Urban Youth Impact

  • Welcoming retailers, operators who will experiment, collaborate and innovate to go beyond the norm with sustainable practices in mind

Prioritizing Personal Growth & Well-Being

  • Providing free experiences that nourish mind, body and soul such as District Fit and Wellness Wednesdays

  • Offering our community the opportunity to elevate their well-being in an urban oasis setting

Evoking Experiences that are Uniquely "West Palm"

  • Working with the best in local creatives, artists, chefs, fitness enthusiasts, community organizations and more

  • Encouraging national brands to find a unique "West Palm" expression of their distinct proposition

Adding Density to a Well-Connected Neighborhood

  • Growing and evolving in the heart of West Palm

  • Continuing to develop a curious and nurturing place that caters to people seeking live, work and pursue of their entrepreneurial visions

  • Supporting a neighborhood that meets the community's daily needs

  • Connecting to those in Miami now and in the future Orlando via the Brightline train

Emphasizing Hospitality with Culture as the Anchor

  • Collaborating with international and local artists to put culture at the heart of the district and encouraging all who spend time here to unleash their own creativity

  • Celebrating the arts by experimenting with pop-up concepts such the Culture Lab, Art Affair, Armory Art Center Experience, The Satellite, GARALA & Downton Abbey: The Exhibition

  • Forming a hospitable intersection of shopping, eating, entertainment and the arts

Creating Welcoming Ambiances

  • Transforming streetscapes and public spaces: Phase 1 to be complete by Q1 2019

  • Celebrating a more pleasant, pedestrian-friendly environment where people look forward to spending time with more greenery and shaded seating areas

  • Adding new places to rejuvenate and learn such as the Magic Garden