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Rosemary Ave Construction

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Rosemary Avenue Construction

Projected Start - October 29, 2018; Projected Completion - Spring 2019

We believe new experiences deserve a new setting, so we are making significant changes to the streetscape along Rosemary Avenue and Hibiscus Road, creating a more pleasant and pedestrian-friendly environment, as well as adding a range of new spots to rejuvenate, relax and recharge.

Welcoming Ambiance

- Curbless two-lane street with ample pedestrian pathways

- Updated contemporary lighting creating an inviting atmosphere

- Lush landscaping, shade and natural accents aligning with wellness initiatives

- Local and international artistic influences

Improved Accessibility

- New bike racks for 54 bicycles

- Two new trolley stops in slip lanes

- Two new drop off/pick up & ride share locations

- Relocated valet to Hibiscus Road which will allows for the increased flow of vehicle traffic

- Parking garages improvements: Park Mobile & Park Assist

- Local art added to parking garage stairwells, facades and walkways

Unforgettable Destination

- New canopies and attractive shading

- Covered seating areas

- The ability for retailers and restaurants to create welcoming outdoor spaces

- Arts & cultural elements


  • All shops and restaurants will remain open with normal hours.

  • All activities will continue as normal on the square.

  • Valet will be located in front of Brio, accessible from Sapodilla Avenue to Hibiscus Street.

  • Current valet locations at the Gardenia parking garage, The Regional & Anushka/Ruth’s Chris will be available as normal.

  • All four parking garages will be accessible as normal with pay-on-foot machines in Hibiscus, Gardenia and Sapodilla garages

  • Parking in the garages will continue to be complimentary for the first 80 minutes as normal.

  • Skybike stands will be temporarily located within the CityPlace property.

Future Phases of Construction

Estimated Start: Summer 2019

Square & Ground Level: Expanded green areas, outdoor dining venues, lighting improvements, art features

Upper Entertainment Plaza: New public spaces, rejuvenated outdoor dining area, AMC Theater renovation